♫♪  Bass Control - “Live at Fountain Art Fair” [03.10.12]

The only proper way to fist pump is with your pinky stiff to the sky. Now, I’ll say this until 2013, but this is the year of mixtapes and straight bass (IMO)! Here, instead of drone or bathdub or doom, Bass Control (a.k.a. Dennis Sebayan, not sybian) subtly crushes a non-stop grind of bass-pops for the avant-garde found art community. But that was just an occasion (full of Pioneer DJM-900NEXUS love and acoustical airplane hanger resonating echos). As soon as the warmth hits, Bass Control rips through the winter-window plastic covers and drags ya out the apartment, dancing and screaming. And he don’t give a fuck; he’ll serve the whole NYC progressive house community with rays of FUCK YOU LET’S DANCE. Ain’t no smoke and mirrors. Just straight jam. Check it, this set ends because of recording issues. Bass Control is never finished. What’s that? A slice of Miami? At Ultra Music Festival this weekend? Yeah, brahhh. Bringing that NYC to Miami on the Eco Village stage starting at 7 PM to keep your Saturday night moving. Oh, you won’t stop? Mia Lounge from noon to 5 AM will continue to wick and light ya ass on Sunday.

• Bass Control: http://www.facebook.com/pages/DJ-Bass-Control/300727791199
• Creator Entertainment: http://creatorentertainment.com

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