♫♪  Bastian Void / H. Takahashi - 人間の機能を助ける音楽

Disney returns to Galveston, giving fans a chance to shake hands with fantasy. Who needs it though? Tangible wonder is unnecessary. Endless and formless sounds drift over land and sea, stirring up their own sort of wind. Independently, they drone, only before collision. They pass through all matter and carry on their merry ways, going on and on, dipping into the future, dipping into the past, wherever else: like very hungry caterpillars, short and long, getting a proleg up, universally speaking; like the busy floor of the rainforest, thriving and free from human detection. Lucky us, these fantasies are a radio dial away. We can catch it on the news. Unfortunately, the dial itself is a bit of a icosahedron, and hard to figure out. Customization is nearly impossible. However, it’s not so bad to be Alice, with all these mad bits floating around.

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