♫♪  BBJr - I Became a Baby Again and the Universe Forgave Me

Look closely, and you can see the reflection of an iPhone in this cover art somehow!

Is it always regression when one reverts to a childlike state? Freud seemed to think so. Bob Bucko Jr. — experimentalist, Personal Archives label honcho, and all around swell guy — disagrees. Especially when the result of said regression is forgiveness on a universal scale.

Imagine an entire universe recognizing your penance as a newly regressed child, realizing your heart is no longer filled with greed and stupidity, shrugging its (galactic) shoulders, and saying, “Yeah, we good.”

BBJr, his sax and synthesizer droning in conjunction with one another, coloring the atmosphere with gleeful smears well outside any sort of defined lines, is feeling “Yeah, we good” too, heart unburdened with guilt anymore. These three tracks of pure, unencumbered tone project the freedom of one who has rejected adulthood (for a time), thumbing their nose at old Freud as the weight is lifted. Siggy probably never went outside and ran through piles of leaves past the age of 12. BBJr is all leaves here.

“Recorded live after hours at Victor’s apartment with the caved-in ceiling,” I Became a Baby Again and the Universe Forgave Me is a document of simplicity as suggested by the humble detail in this description. Compact disc still available from Personal Archives.

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