♫♪  Bean Snack - Crispy Duct

Dishes in the sink, stored voices, callouses, wind leaking through sealed windows, hair migrating towards baseboards, smothered cigarette butts, greasy door handles, obsessive record collecting, migraines, staying up late to talk to a friend, crust in your morning eyes, smiling at the ground, cheap electronics, dog slobber, commercials, catchphrases, the best of everything, ringing in your ears, foreign coins, bus rides, snow, holding the door for a stranger, diner coffee, menial jobs, breaks, walking home, lost in thought, getting home, dishes in the sink, Venus.

All of this and more pours through Crispy Duct. Its like looking down at the valleys and dry rivers in your hands, and not wondering what specific moments formed the lines where the dirt collects, just knowing that it all added up to give you your imprint.

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