♫♪  Beat Detectives - In a Bog

Beat Detectives took everything great from the aughts and transposed it into a beat tape hosted by 2009 James Ferraro during a warehouse rave on next to Kent where my grandpa used to monger fish. Not that I’m personally attached to Brooklyn, or particularly enjoy ever going or being a second in that particular borough, but I respect Beat Detectives’ expansive NYC sound they’re establishing. No matter how much In a Bog reminds me of driving around wasted high around Cyprus Cemetery, lost and without GPS, I always come back to, “There’s always a way out.” Napkins from Subway after taking a shit behind the deli. Ketamine infused lavender bath balms I used in the YMCA shower earlier hitting my lap-swimming workout hard. Drowning in feeling racial dysmorphia. In a Bog is Beat Detectives’ most horror-genred release, and you’ll never escape.

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