Bee Mask
“Vaporware” [excerpt]

Coming down off they’s 2011 Spectrum Spools release, Elegy for Beach Friday, Bee Mask getting a little vocal freak with Autre Ne Veut. Oh, wait, does this excerpt even got vocals in it? Where do you think they is? Maybe, imagine yourself listening to this track saturated in smooth post-New Jack Swing-style R&B, super jarring hooks dressed in echo, and set ablaze with digital harmony. Maybe. Maybe he just submits to Bonnie Bear-style hummings. OH SHIT! News is, the vocals are right there in the track, completely washed of “diva” enlightenment. Yo, but I’m into that; whatever gets me wet. Slip off your chair this July when Bee Mask Vaporware/Scanops 12-inch is shit out by Room40. Okay, I’m done. YAY, BEE MASK!

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