♫♪  Bekelé Berhanu - Untitled

Berlin’s Janus imprint continues its incredible streak with a new mix by Bekelé Berhanu (who also goes by Shanti, Yves Tumor, and Silk Bless). Following Lotic’s DAMSEL in DISTRESS (#16 on our year-end favorites) and a mix by Danish DJ/producer HVAD, Bekelé Berhanu’s “untitled” mix entrenches itself in the noisy, politicized decay of club life, with leavening distortion that transforms its source material into wretched, hollowed-out pockets of dirt, mud, filth. Here, the looped textures sound ritualistic and ecstatic, reveling in the disconnects between sourcing and presenting, sampling and performing, meaning and non-meaning. It’s for the thrill-seekers:

In other Janus-related news, Lotic’s Heterocetera was released this week via Tri Angle, and the label has two events coming up: one is tonight with Jam City, hosting Room 2 at Corsica Studios with Total Freedom; and the other is on April 24 at Berghain, with Arca, DJ Nigga Fox, and Primitive Art.

• Bekelé Berhanu: https://soundcloud.com/silkbless
• Janus: https://soundcloud.com/janusberlin

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