♫♪  Ben Varian - 24 Hour Recording Session (1​/​19​/​18)

Hey, everyone. I’ve got some bad news. Ben Varian went ahead and accomplished more in twenty-f’ours than you will in your entire lifetime. Sorry, gang. I mean, it’s not like he did it just to rub your noses in it. It’s merely his nature. He can’t help himself.

What did he do exactly? Well, I’ll let old Benny boy tell you:

between 7:41am on 1/19/18 and 7:41am on 1/20/18, i held a 24-hour continuous recording session at ABC rehearsals in los angeles. i used a drumkit, a yamaha dx21 synth, a guitar, a bass, a box of percussion instruments, a clarinet, and a xylophone. in the mid-afternoon allyson came by with reygan, the baby who she nannies, and reygan recorded a song. from around 9pm to 1am, thom, miles and alex showed up and recorded with me. the songs that were recorded during the session are posted here in chronological order.

Listen to the entirety of 24 Hour Recording Session (1​/​19​/​18) below. And after that, well then it’s time to shape up, buster! Go on ahead and start doing something with your life!

…or at least 24 hours of it.

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