♫♪  Benjamin Hinz - DEEP

There’s something down there.

The greatest unexplored frontier on Earth is the ocean, the bottom of the sea. It’s not so easy for us to reach it, you know, what with our inability to breathe underwater or to withstand pressure at the greatest depths, even with our most advanced technology. Countless people have let their imaginations run wild as to what mysteries lie beneath the surface, from Jules Verne to whoever conceived of Godzilla and/or the Cloverfield monster.

Benjamin Hinz is ready to plumb the depths. Over the years, he’s been Supreme Commander of the Dwarfcraft Devices crew, so he’s likely got a warehouse full of guitar effects to test out their sonar capabilities. Not content to bask on the world’s beaches for eternity, Hinz gears up in his trusty diving helmet, straps on his axe, plugs in his long-ass cord, and wanders out into the waves. Soon he’s out of sight, completely submerged, with only his oxygen hose and cables to tell of his actions.

And then he blazes chord after chord, shreds riff after riff. The sea shakes, tectonic plates shift, and a tsunami swirls around him. DEEP (Philip K. Discs) is born, and we capture it on tape.

But an entity awakens through the commotion. There’s something down there, and it’s coming to the surface. Benjamin Hinz is ready to meet whatever it is head on.

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