♫♪  Berber Ox / LV Morris / Hobo Cubes / Herring und seine seiben Sachen - 2xC60

“Witness Finger.” Taking the stand. Pleading it’s true, “The man did evaporate into her body. He became all at once non-existent and then alive. But through her. You’re honor, it’s true. She is not who she says she is! That woman there was murdered. The man found behind the King Kullen at Sound View isn’t real. It must be the work of Berber Ox.” The woman smiles across from the “Witness Finger” and continues to let the noise ride out. “There. That smile. It’s the Berber Ox. This sounds like a lie, but I’m being honest!”

Out in the lobby, “Industrial Music” swells the walls, and gets louder as the witness quickly descends the stand and runs out of the courtroom. Gasps and falling cops are heard as the doors close behind her as she scours the hallway for the tense hollow sound being emitted and then blasted by other noises. She runs to the window, open, and shrills at the people walking, construction workers drilling and hammering, and birds singing in the breeze. As the courtroom doors burst open, cops fling themselves out, and see the stairs door slowly closing in an empty lobby, one of them radioing, “LV Morris, we’ve one on the move.”

Opening the doors of the courthouse to the world, the witness sees Hobo Cubes by way of “Slowed Variations For Unsynchronised Tempos,” and the sight is beyond her comprehension. Although much calmer now, the woman begins to walk around with this pops and crackles and serenely melts herself in the acceptance that her mentality may never stabilize, and continues to think of that woman’s smile as a man from the courtroom. She forfeits upon the lawn outside and can’t see everyone staring as the cops drag her limp body away.

Back in the courthouse, within the basement corridors, she Herring und seine seiben Sachen, and is presented the “Gateways” of her new consciousness. “This isn’t me. I’m not her. I can’t be the transformation. If you put me through those ‘Gateways,’ I’ll never return. Today is the first day of the rest of my life. That calender isn’t true. Stop dragging me. I’m fine. You’ve the wrong guy!!”

Rocket Machine Tapes will boldly slay your ears this spring with the new 2xCS60 from sound shamans Berber Ox, LV Morris, Hobo Cubes, and Herring und seine seiben Sachen. You can also snag it in a bundle deal with Kyle Landstra’s new tape too. Stream them both off the Rocket Machine Tapes Bandcamp, and grip at them ASAP!

• Rocket Machine Tapes: http://rocketmachine.bandcamp.com
• Berber Ox: http://berberox.com
• LV Morris: http://www.discogs.com/artist/3526977-L-V-Morris
• Hobo Cubes: http://hobocubes.bandcamp.com
• Herring und seine seiben Sachen: http://laichoflove.bandcamp.com

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