♫♪  Best Available Technology - Excavated Tapes 1992-1999

Not to be confused with the application of ballistics and celestial Newtonian mechanics to practical problems concerning the motion of man-made objects in space (such as rockets and spacecraft), Astro:dynamics are a record label. Not to be confused with a term applied with regulations on limiting pollutant discharges with regard to the abatement strategy constituting a moving target on practices since developing societal values and advancing techniques may change what is currently regarded as “reasonably achievable,” “best practicable,” and “best available,” Best Available Technology is Kevin Palmer from Portland. Check out “Keys TDK SA-X100” from Excavated Tapes 1992-1999, Vol. 1, out May 6:

• Best Available Technology: https://soundcloud.com/b-a-t
• Astro:Dynamics: http://astrodynamics.bandcamp.com

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