♫♪  Bestial Mouths - “Rattling the Teeth”

I wonder what the members of L.A.’s Bestial Mouths do to themselves to get this super-amped before they write and record tracks. Their new album Hissing Veil, on the masterful DAIS label, is 14 relatively quick song-bursts blown out with great intensity, a cyberpunk opera with tendrils reaching back towards no wave. “Rattling the Teeth” is a rare moment on the record when singer Lynette Cerezo lets her voice come down a little bit from its usual muscle-tensing heights. Screaming guitars and bass synth take over, and the existential urgency is tangible.

• Bestial Mouths: http://bestialmouths.tumblr.com
• DAIS: http://www.daisrecords.com

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