♫♪  Big Ded - “Joybender”

Alessandra Hoshor and Valentina Tapia (hi!) come together under the crooked umbrella of Big Ded. They’re standing close together and whispering in the purple rain. Their world seems more than a little hallucinatory — see how Alessandra twists a handful of her hair around a wire to hold a chunk up in a gentle swirl, and how Valentina wears a set of fake bunny ears on her head, but there’s only one ear. There are strange secrets here. The opening voices of their latest single, “Joybender,” haunt and mend me. Layers of joy and synths and refractions collect into a psychedelic costume within an even more colorful sound.

Find the song on their new cassette, Joybender, out a little later in the month on Embalming Lately.

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