♫♪  Big Kahuna OG & Fly Anakin - Big Fly 3

I dunno about you, but the idea of a favorite artist remaining “dark and mysterious” is getting a little boring to me. Part of why I dig Richmond-based Mutant Academy is that the team never gives off a whiff of pretension but delivers some of the most pungent goods in this deodorized game on the regular. It feels like, for a change, they might actually enjoy this music shit as much as the fans do. I mean, just look at Kahuna’s camera sly mug!!

Truth is I can barely keep up with the collective’s output, not to mention the scheme I’m limping to rn, the Big Fly series. This installment is the third Big Kahuna OG and Fly Anakin have let loose since last August, but the simpletons among us best not mouth-breathe anything about “quality control.” Heavy hitters Tuamie and Ohbliv bring the wonky fresh funk, and Fly and Kahuna continue to dazzle with nimble wordplay. I’m still stuck on, “I’ve been Scheme Team since ’91 / And my bitch even got a nine too / Got some piff with me this the 93 / I’ve been thinking, what she got the nine for?” (´ー`)y-~~~

By now, you/I/we/they should know (we’re all mutants now, your leg is my arm, my pinky your big toe) what to do. Bob into that horizon below:

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