♫♪  BITCHIN BAJAS - “Marimba”

There’s something that happens to my partner and me when we begin to fall asleep at night. She is smaller than me, but typically we start out her as big spoon and me the over-sized little spoon; she’s into taming monsters. And as she drifts off much faster than me, I can feel her muscles spasm and twitch a little bit, not violent, but subtly around her body and limbs. So, in response, I try to twitch back to let her know she is not alone, but weirdly, it’s almost a form of communication. If I twitch my hand slightly after her feet or knees twitch, she’ll then twitch her hand, or visa versa. Beyond this, I’m now beginning to think that 1) I’m communicating with a form of my partner that I’ve never before, and potentially am finding an outlet to another personality that could subconsciously create a language with me via softly abrupt movements or 2) this is a completely trans-dimensional experience, and like in the movie Incidious, she at that moment is being possessed by a being from a totally different realm of reality that is trying to connect with someone on the Earth. Should I pursue? “Marimba” by Bitchin Bajas gives me the courage to pursue.

As the song is titled after an idiophone instrument, “Marimba” stems from the same world as most scaled percussion instruments, but draws upon the less frequent instrumental sound of tessitura, heard specifically in wooden texture and timbre. Why this gives me courage is because it also stems from a realm similar to various other musical instruments (specifically the xylophone and voice box), but has little to do with either by-way of communicating sound. And given the prior explanation of this situation I’m getting myself into for the rest of our lives, Bitchin Bajas’ bravery to pair this instrument with varying swirls, organ (?), and flute makes me feel like there’s a whole world to explore with my partner during her sleep-comm sessions. Will report back on this, but in the mean-time, Hands in the Dark Records will be putting out the new Bitchin Bajas’ album Transporteur in edition of 600 vinyl and 100 cassettes on May 4. Let it be with you below:

• Bitchin Bajas: https://soundcloud.com/bitchin-bajas
• Hands in the Dark: http://handsinthedarkrecords.com

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