♫♪  BK Beats & Black Noi$e - Nonbelievers

Previously released the middle of last month on Potholes Music, Nonbelievers by BK Beats & Black Noi$e continues to grind on that low-low cassette swag via Crash Symbols. As they lighting their blunts with burning bills playing in the jungle, BK Beats & Black Noi$e flay out a smattering of lyrics and uzi-fire vocals with friends and family features on each track. And that’s some solid love they giving out. Also, the beats/instrumentals run deep on the reel, considering they comprise the entity of side-B. And surprisingly for an EP, BK Beats & Black Noi$e give Nonbelievers ups and downs, fulfilling actual release fluidity, which isn’t typical for EPs, so this makes me super happy. Most times musicians have trouble with fluidity in LPs let alone EPs. I’d also wear that j-card art as a t-shirt FOR SURE. Stream the Nonbelievers EP by BK Beats & Black Noi$e below via Crash Symbols and grip the tape off ‘em too, why don’t ya:

• Crash Symbols: http://crashsymbols.bandcamp.com

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