♫♪  BLACK KRAY - City Of Doves

Ah, when you’re in that proverbial rut, aye… lost in the www, encumbered by data/info, perhaps? Direction or purpose seems wayward, and this feeling… ineffable. So many questions, thoughts, BLACK KRAY got me all cerebrate right now. I guess — just like anybody — I’m often prone to existential thoughts, but either way, the sheer atmosphere of City Of Doves alone got a young kid thinking, you know?

But don’t worry, KRAY’s got you covered on all emotional fronts, like this right here be a guaranteed grin inducer. And the tape slaps from top to bottom with tear-jerking, uzi toting emo-thug anthems. Maybe there’s something in the air down there in Flexico because GOTH MONEY RECORDS output for the last year-or-so has been pretty much nonpareil. BLACK KRAY in particular is on his sui generis shit right now. I mean, he’s on some other-world hustle, akin to that godly 2011 SGP grind. Just check the goods, they hella doozies: mixtapes on mixtapes. Thanks for the good times, whodie.

• BLACK KRAY: http://gvccikray.bandcamp.com
• Goth Money Records: http://gothmoneyrecords.com

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