♫♪  Black Moth Super Rainbow - “Mr. No One”

In 1993, my favorite band was Pearl Jam.

In 2007, my favorite band was Black Moth Super Rainbow.

Guess which one’s coming out with a new record this year? That’s right, suck it, Pearl Jam!

… It’s not Pearl Jam, it’s BMSR. Not sure I made that clear enough as I was shouting “Suck it, Pearl Jam!” at the top of my lungs at my computer screen in a fit of adrenalized passion.

So anyhoo, Panic Blooms drops in May on Rad Cult, a space blaster to the face of a record label solely existing for the release of Tom Fec–related material, or material in the immediate vicinity of Tom Fec, which may or may not include the elusive Allegheny whitefish. (Fec leads the Black Moths, and he also moonlights as the Destro-faced Tobacco.) It’s been six years since BMSR smashed windshields and dropped dreamsicle bombs on Cobra Juicy, and all I want now is for the band’s sixth record to be the most amazing release of the year. Is that too much to ask?

“Mr. No One” is a good start. Sure, it’s the last track on the album, where Fec and his Pittsburgh crew of psychotic mask-wielding synth bandits tend to cram the shoegazey dream pop. But its drifting melodies and its melted crystal textures only serve as the taste that has me jonesing for more. I’m not even an objective music writer at this point — I’m a babbling fan. O, the embarrassment!

Seriously, Tom, this better not be your Binaural.

Stream “Mr. No One” here, then prep your credit card for all kinds of mischief at the Rad Cult store. Panic Blooms releases May 4, but there’s barely any time to preorder before they sell out of the gold vinyl option with silkscreened D side; double cassette (whose second tape contains mystery material); CD (don’t buy that, it’ll end up in a landfill); or boring old digital version that’s bound to get erased once aliens shut down all our servers. Almost everything comes with a nasty-ass brown patch. Ew!

Don’t tell me I never gave you no tracklist:

1. Panic Blooms
2. Baby’s in the Void
3. Rip on Through
4. One More Ear
5. Bad Fuckin Times
6. New Breeze
7. Aerosol Weather
8. June July 28
9. Bottomless Face
10. Permanent Hole
11. To the Beat of a Creeper
12. We Might Come Back
13. Harmlessly
14. Backwash
15. Sunset Curses
16. Mr No One

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