♫♪  Black Pus - “Hole in the Ground”

Brian Chippendale (Lightning Bolt, Mindflayer) is so awesome that he’s decided to release a new solo LP under his Black Pus moniker. Primordial Pus is Chippendale’s fifth BP full-length, and it’s getting some pretty wide distribution courtesy of the almighty Load Records. As the label puts it:

On Black Pus’ fifth full length, a lot of the looped drum pop that has been percolating in this project’s gene pool is drawn so much closer to the surface. Insanely long saccharine loops are pushed, pulled, screwed and tattooed all over your face. With this ammo, an enduring record of stone-etched brute pop is forged. […] As shiny as the music sounds, it differs from the prevalent 80’s styled bottom feeder hynogagic poop in its muscular wing span. Be prepared to have your senses leave your body and obsessive/compulsive jitter overtake your reason in this buffet of freon electronic entropy.

It’s all true, too. I listened to Primordial Pus this morning.

• Black Pus: http://www.myspace.com/theblackpus
• Load: http://www.loadrecords.com

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