♫♪  Blanck Mass - “Silent Treatment”

Bristol’s Benjamin John Power, one half of Fuck Buttons, has released two Blanck Mass records this millennium: the first broadly ambient and exploratory, the second broadly heavy and industrial. World Eater, out March 3 via Sacred Bones, looks to bring his sound into orbit with Fuck Buttons’ most poptimist tendencies. New single “Silent Treatment” starts off with a sample you could mistake for having come from Person Pitch, but pulverizing, insistent kick hits soon dominate, and the soaring choral samples hit with the impact of an astral mack truck.

Alongside the first track released off of World Eater, “Please,” it seems Power is finding more space for vocal chops at the center of his songs. Like the best of Fuck Buttons, Blanck Mass songs have always been about release and catharsis. Now there appears to be a more pronounced lightness at the core of their beating heart.

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