♫♪  Blaze Kidd - Exclusivo

If there’s an ear that will hear it, it will be told. Peruse the favelas of Brixton and any young bloke you speak to will tell you the same story. On that fateful day, above the city of London — the clouds agape, an ever violent crimson, three ángels appeared to nosedive from the sky. Legend has it that those ángels were in fact KRYSAOR, and that in the furious heat of their earthbound tailspin their wings disintegrated, rendering them mortals, holed up in South London. It’s quite the ting innit? Truth be told, i think it’s the celestial fragments and debris of their descent that make up Exclusivo.

Enough dilly dallying though, if we’re talmbout ángels, the roster on Exclusivo is all kinds of godly. A star-fucking-studded affair, to say the least. Palmistry sets the tone on the first track, and then there’s production from Shanti, Lexxi and Ana Caprix. KRYSAOR’S own Uli K goes in with the tres-deuce, and the white dragón, Bladee (who’s been slaying everything in sight recently) bodies shit too. DL here, or stream below, and get familiar earthlings. Bless.

• Blaze Kidd: https://soundcloud.com/blaze_kidd
• KRYASAOR: https://soundcloud.com/krysaor

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