♫♪  Blithe Field - Days Drift By

5:30 a.m. (“Prelude”): zzzzZZZZZZ. *Snooze* *snooze* *snooze* *SNOOZE

7:33 a.m. (“Bubbling Cauldron”): Okay. Wallet? Check. Keys? Check. Phone? Check. Coffee? Check. Let’s go bring home the bacon.

9:13 a.m. (“RD 1”): Morning, C. Morning, P. How are you, Dan? Mondays, amirite?

10:19 a.m. (“Love Knot”): No, I do not want to turn on sticky keys. What do sticky keys even do? Wait, yeah I’ll try it.

Lunch (“Grotto”): I knew I forgot something! Guess it’s going to be a vending machine day. Wish we still had those salt & vinegar chips. Damn, you Michelle Obama. Just kidding, I miss her so much. Please come back. Please.

Quitting time (“Clouds Roll In”): 4:58. 4:59. 5:00. I’m outta here. See ya’ll! Have a great night.

The commute back (“Racing Back”): I’m so hungry. I’m so hungry. I’m so hungry. We can land on the moon but can’t prevent traffic? I’m so hungry. I need to use the restroom and I’m so hungry.

7: 15 p.m. (“Perseus”): You want out, Perseus? C’mon, boy! C’mon! Let’s go for a walk, bud. We could both use some fresh air after today.

8:50 p.m. (“Time & Temperature”): Finally done with everything. What’s on Netflix? I think I overheard Dan say that they added the new episode of My Next Guest.

12:32 a.m. (“Farewell to Darker Days”): If I go to bed now I’ll get five hours of sleep. That’s not so bad, right? I use to do that all the time in college. Maybe I’m just too old now, though. Guess we’ll see tomorrow.

Stream or pick up a cassette version of Blithe Field’s new album, Days Drift By on their Bandcamp.

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