♫♪  blood club - UNATTACK

Boston’s blood club, the namesake of one Liana Hell Lean, writes beautifully frustrated and genuinely off-beat dance songs overflowing with solid ideas, rich suggestions, and compelling tangents that go every which way, yet it all somehow coalesces into something as interesting, exciting, and fulfilling as you can hope for. No genre or subgenre seems to be off-limits for the musically adventurous Lean, from noise, to glitch, sampling, italo disco, r&b, acid, hip-hop, folk, middle-eastern or south Asian-inspired sing-songs, etc, etc…but the risks pay off handsomely, as is evident throughout her latest tape, released in the middle of last year, UNATTACK, and a hard-to-place yet particular opaque darkness pervades and colors her material, rendering it singular in the fullest sense of the word.

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