♫♪  Bloop Bleepblop - “Summer Mooch [Censored in D]”

If you’re telling me Trump is an idiot, then y’all got fucking fooled by the ultimate evil. “Aww, man. That old man, like.” Yeah, Trump is a fucking hologram. We’ve all been played. Celebrity status means you’re a simulation at this point.

So your wife’s boss went to high school with “The Mooch.” And he’s panicking in some sort of way that “owns” this anecdote that’s mostly just history. But they went to school together. People connect through memory. Or maybe it’s nurture.

“Summer Mooch [Censored in D]” got that Bloop Bleepblop treatment in some weird Ducktails trailing instrumental, 90s Saturday science-learning programming beat, tag-lining a holographic language that maybe only dolphins will understand once they gain intellectual property of Earth. Pug-life:

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