♫♪  Blues Control - OldEnuff2KnoBetta

It’s safe to say that Blues Control is one of the more reliable duos continuing to exist in the underground community of jam-fest jazzers. Even when they were Watersports, nothing was ever displeasing. They’ve been on thousands of outstanding labels in short-lived, limited runs. Extensive tours were traverse and continue to be set during various parts of our lifetimes. Live recordings. Straight improvs. 7-inches. Website albums. And now we’ve one of the more fantastic mixtapes to have dropped this year EXLUSIVELY by Blues Control entitled, OldEnuff2KnoBetta. Both original and repeat(ish) content, OldEnuff2KnoBetta is an extensive tour through the annals of the Blues Control duo, stemming from their harshly experimental to their feel-it symbiosis, pleasing long-time fans and welcoming newcomers into the family. Grip OldEnuff2KnoBetta by clicking HERE. Feel your inner lion:

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