♫♪  Bluezr - breakptii

The insular feel of Bluezr’s music never casts viewers or page-thumbers out. Likewise, puddin’ pop. From one audio jump to the next, from gap to hiss, moods are laid out and exploration is for everyone. All smashed and pressed lovingly together. All for moonsoaks and yard-rakes. Placement is set. Hesitant loops lounge on the porch. Jazz chords stutter forward. Keys become pad presses, and drum hits seem to limp along, then snap into form, then double up and go solo. And suddenly, it all locks into a groove. But of course you already knew all that. The steez of Bluezr doesn’t quit. After 90+ releases on his Bandcamp, a handful of sold-out tapes and CD-Rs, and what’s sure to be countless lost/scrapped goods, his garden has always been well maintained and looked after. With breakptii, another ripe harvest has been taken in. Keep tuned for more.

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