♫♪  Bob Bucko Jr. - Under Cover Summer

Bob Bucko Jr. has made it easy for me — I may never have to make a mixtape again. Check out the tracklist of The Many Sides of Bob Bucko Jr., I mean, uh, Under Cover Summer, his tour tape of cover tunes.

1. Walking With Jesus (Spacemen 3)
2. Paradise Is For the Blessed (Television Personalities)
3. St. Elmo’s Fire (Eno)
4. LR72 (Silkworm)
5. Blue Line Swinger (Yo La Tengo)
6. Sending (The Sea & Cake)
7. This Must Be the Place (Talking Heads)
8. Bury the Hammer (Beat Happening)
9. Love Knows No Borders (Howe Gelb)
10. Unreal Is Here (Chavez)
11. Take Care (Big Star)
12. Up On the Sun (Meat Puppets)
13. Final Day (Young Marble Giants)
14. As Vast As You (Dear Nora)
15. Somewhere In the Night (Smog)

Why care about a covers tape? Here’s why: Chavez!

Among other things of course.

Plus, Bob’s tape is a double. Tellin’ ya.

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