♫♪  Bobby Draino - “Sean’s Beach”

L.A.’s 100% Silk is the real. The label is consistently shelling out eternally smooth beats, from Octo Octa to Ital to SFV Acid. Their latest output is a 5-track gem from Bobby Draino, Brain Drain. The lead track “Sean’s Beach” is soaked in an acid deep fryer, crunchy and chewy with a warm center. My hunger might be a parasite to my metaphors here, but perhaps that’s a nod to how satiating the track is. Overdriven drums and heavily saturated leads make me feel like I’m in the middle of sautéing a thick steak, lifting it up and slowly pressing the fat down in a sizzling catharsis — with my kitchen as the club. Definitely a heater. You can cop this delicious EP here.

• Bobby Draino: https://soundcloud.com/bobbydraino
• 100% Silk: https://soundcloud.com/100percentsilk

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