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We want you to feel good, to look good, to live good. We want you to be a positive force within society, within civilization, and that starts with you. What do you want, need, desire to be the best version of yourself that you can be, to be the agent of forward momentum within your community? How can we help you actualize your energy and realize your potential?

Body Image Corporation has everyone’s best interests at heart. On their self-titled Skrot Up release, they mangle field recordings and sound sources beyond recognition, frappe-ing them together in a slurry of cultural importance that you can chug (or however you ingest stuff that’s frappe’d together). The health benefits of everything-at-once is non-negotiable, plus you have extra time that you don’t have to worry about supplementing your life/diet/outlook with additional nutritional items.

All this is underscored by the dense, distorted, rippling rhythms of activity, where toxins are sweat out as weights are lifted and distances are run. The perfect version of you is just an exercise routine away, and Body Image Corporation has your workout covered with its pitched-down messages of inspiration. You gotta strain to make them out, but that’s all part of the package!

Success is just a Body Image Corporation tape away, so what are you waiting for? Are you afraid that the best version of you is a standard you won’t be able to maintain? Are you worried about becoming a target? Are you simply too flawed to even accept affirmative reinforcement?

Well, knock it off! It’s Body Image Incorporated time! Don’t waste it.

Oh wait – this is a German Army project? Yowza – this is surely more scathing commentary than anything, then. In fact, now I doubt that Body Image Corporation is up to any good at all.

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