“SAVE THE PLANET ♲ 100% pure H Y D R A T I O N : O2 REMIXED”

James Ferraro, who likes his oxygen from a bar, his cheese cakes from a factory, and his cookes with breast milk, has done the CG Liquid capoeira fountain dance and come up with a new album, presumably titled HYDRATION ♲ : SAVE THE PLANET ☮ and presumably by his BODYGUARD group (it’s a group now, right?). The track below, titled (I think) “SAVE THE PLANET ♲ 100% pure H Y D R A T I O N : O2 REMIXED,” sees BODYGUARD at their most sensory-overloaded, with sounds aimed at penetrating listeners from every which way, fluttering sensually and lovingly from behind HD flatscreens, from within the company Prius, from between lip-gloss’d lips, from a Hello Kitty spa in Dubai. Here, gun-cocks are replaced with unsheathing swords, hi-hats replaced with gasps, and snares replaced with an electronic blip, while an electric guitar wails in the postmodern lounge area. It’s sexualized ecology, aestheticized global warming, the sound of culture eating itself.

HYDRATION ♲ : SAVE THE PLANET ☮ is out in September via Hippos in Tanks. More info soon.

• James Ferraro:!/JFerraro_zip
• Hippos In Tanks:

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