♫♪  Bones - Garbage

TeenWitch copped it harsh outchea (ahem, Fantano), it was straight up scolded on some no-mercy shit by some, even reg’ SESH devotees were calling the mixtape out. I liked it for the most part, it certainly wasn’t on that CREEP level or that SCUMBAG level (2013 instaclassics), but i fucked with it.

Garbage aint garbage though, even if it is destined for Fantano’s recycle bin. There’s plenty o’ niceness on this thing, like that rare Spooky Black feature and that kitsch as fuck (in a tight way) Jayyeah beat. Bones and Xavier Wulf revisit that “Moshpits” energy again on “Trash,” which is pretty neat. But by far the most lively moment on Garbage is when your boy Kenshin Chris Travis comes through DOLO with that nasty, auto-tuned Godliness — each syllable like a liquid bullet straight through your cerebellum. Scoop it up here and/or stream it below:

• Bones: https://www.facebook.com/TeamSESH
• TeamSESH: http://www.teamsesh.com

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