♫♪  Bong - All Saints March I [preview]

My editor Keith and I were talking the other day about doom. I’m totes out on my doom game, and he suggested I track a track down and write that shit up. And I love finding new jams. Who don’t? But when I find hot new doom jammers I dig (these dudes ain’t that new), I shit my pants. I’m still sitting in shit because the raga-doom murk Bong puts out earns it. This sample track is live, too. Talk about taking it to the next level. It’s like how sunn 0))) takes it to the next level live, but when you see Stephen O’Malley take a sip of Bud in a window of fog, it’s minus two points. Plus ten points to Bong for their newest live slow-banger All Saints March I on Brave Mysteries.

• Bong: http://www.myspace.com/landbong
• Brave Mysteries: http://bravemysteries.com/shop.html

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