Bonglestar Galactabong
“Dank Feelings”

The chances of my NOT posting something by an artist with the name “Bonglestar Galactabong” are pretty small. So it’s lucky I guess that this “Dank Feelings” jam is smooth enough to warrant this post. Also a tweet, a share, whatever anybody has to do to let the world know that they’re hip to these warm waves and how they’ll wash your soul inside and out. Feel those frequencies filtering through your synapses, the twinkling synth in the background and that pitch-shifted voice telling all the bad things to go the hell away. More interstellar drifts to be found on Bonglestar’s SoundCloud page, and this cut can be downloaded with a lot of other future-hop tracks, recently compiled by Cincinnatti’s Boy Fruit for Terrordome Vol. 3.

• Bonglestar Galactabong:

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