♫♪  Bookworms - “African Rhythms”

“That kick we long for, though, never arrives, and by the track’s end, we’re suspended amongst the clouds, unsure of how to get back to earth or if we’re even interested in going there” wrote RA’s Jordan Rothlein back in 2012 when “African Rhythms” debuted on the two-track 12” Love Triangles on still-chugging Brooklyn label L.I.E.S. I can’t really say it better, although my feet are very much glued to the floor, and that’s fine with me, a communion.

I can say that Bookworms has re-released “African Rhythms” as a pay-what-you-wish digital download and it would be good for your lethargy to follow the link below and add it to your collection. Listen and fall asleep with the light on, fully clothed. Question your habits, and then everything. This is a song that I want to go on and on, like some huge number that takes seven years to write.

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