♫♪  Braeyden Jae / AMULETS - “Preview”

So much music flaunts obviousness. Overall, this isn’t such a terrible thing. Many joys can come from expectations being met. It’s just that when presented with gobs of albums where the next note is as predictable as the beat which locks it in place, the deep listening of captivating gradation and unfurling noise can surprise and enliven your soppy brain in a way pop music can’t. And this is exactly what you get on this new split between fellow sound sculptures, Braeyden Jae and AMULETS.

On both sides, guitar strums and plucks, processed through linked pedals and effects units, transform into innocuous looping drones, bound beautifully outward. Static and tape hiss fill out the mix, settling like mist and glueing the swells and ambience together. It’s a perfect paring of two like-minded and seasoned droners, both providing a melancholic yet uplifting listening experience.

Unfortunately, all copies of this stunning, handmade tape have sold out from Horror Fiction. So, I guess that means happy hunting, ya dorky little tape-heads.

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