♫♪  Brian Blomerth - Pork Dust

Porky Pig pops out of the WB bass drum, but is too hungover to get his catchphrase out. “T-t-t-thh-th-th-thha-thah—aa-aa—aaaa.” He swivels around, curly Q-tail up in our grills, and vomits a stomach full of slop and Sailor Jerry into the void. “S-b-b-b-b-sshhh-bu-bb-bu—b-shit.” 1000 years of suffering drag onward.

Pepe Le Pew claws for the zipper at the nape of his neck. He unzips his skin only to reveal another full Pepe Le Pew underneath — no zipper visible. His sub-fur harbors mites, splotches of dried butter, and black mold blended into its surroundings. He dances for a mate, and only insects approach.

Marvin the Martian circuit bends his death ray into a tranq ray, dialing the pain knob down to a level barely short of the ecstasy of a violent death. He removes the device from its charging port, places it inside his mouth, and fires it roughly where a uvula would be located on a human being. Just to feel something.

Brian Blomerth (a.k.a. Narwhalz of Sound) has been terrorizing DIY spaces since the mid-00s, armed with a Game Boy, a tape deck, some pedals, a mic, and a continual Wegman-core mental montage of his pomeranian playing inside his brain. His maximal noise-improv/musique-concrète explorations blast his sound sources into uniquely disfigured chaos, bloated with queasy sample fuckery and spastic synth “rhythms” or “melodies” or “detritus” or what have you — whatever, man; just like, just use yer damn ears for this one [BAOAA BAOAOA BAOAOA]. Blomerth drops a new tape called Pork Dust via his website sometime soon, and it’s stuffed with enough childhood-corrupting aural savagery to keep you riveted for at least 24 minutes. Peel your bloodshot eyes for the physical product, peep the incredible cover art by Blomerth himself, and stream both sides below.

• Brian Blomerth / Narwhalz of Sound: http://www.brianblomerth.com

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