♫♪  The Brian Jonestown Massacre - “I Want to Hold Your Other Hand”

It was by listening to an interview with Anton Newcombe that I learned to understand Sir Paul as the real Liverpool genius. (No offense, John.) In the same vein, one eventually learns to recognize Brian Jones over Jagger and over Richards, and to champion Syd Barrett over the rest of the flaccid Floyd. While Anton Newcombe has outraged many, and has evoked the label of puerile, even idiocy, on many fair occasions, the man knows his psychedelia mythology. So now, continuing his craft of overturning Beatles canon, Mr. Newcombe offers us “I Want to Hold Your Other Hand,” the first cut from The Brian Jonestown Massacre’s upcoming album, Aufhebere. The band’s album number 13.

The German name goes along with the Berlin studio where it was recorded, which goes along with the lore of The Beatles’ seminal days in Hamburg. Then, zooming out about 15 years, check out the title of Aufhebere’s track 11: “Blue Order New Monday.” What is this? A compendium of British rock? A hybrid mutant? A druggie’s blurred mind? Maybe! Which means what for this new BJM record? Absolutely nothing, unless it’s good. But hey, the sound of “I Want to Hold Your Other Hand” harkens optimistically to BJM’s earlier, superlative offerings — though not the earliest. (See 1995’s Methodrone, which, I believe, remains one of the best shoegaze albums of all time.) There’s a thread here that ties it all together, but for now just listen, and when you find that thread, give it a good hard tug. [via Consequence of Sound]

• The Brian Jonestown Massacre: http://www.brianjonestownmassacre.com
• ‘a’ Records: http://www.cargorecords.co.uk/release/18497

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