♫♪  Bruised Skies - Remnants

Being so shut off you find yourself walking home naked, but your winter coat, at 3 AM, not knowing how you got to where you got to, talking to the gargoyles on that castle around the corner about the argument you had with other architectural visages upon this castle, expecting the gargoyles to have somekinda heresay in leadership or —like— veteran status. Wanting to be a lot more than just this, always. How does Ryan do it? Jude, Hydro, Mia, Bort, Cook, Sam, Dan(!!!!), how does they do it? At what point do we just *shrug emoji* into the next? Shiiiit, i’m not sure where’ i’m @rn. So let’s just say/..

Dream Catalogue gotti tha new-new cassette! Newest cassette since the “new management.” I believe it. And this Remnants by Bruised Skies hits a real sweat spot. When you find God Mode, but IRL in Doom II, only IRL/still.html:

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