♫♪  Bryson Cone - “Destination Nightmare”

We’ve done a pretty good job at stomaching this whole “no space elevators and moonbases in 2019” thing, at least on the surface. I can’t speak to the collective psyche (ya’ll can do your own thing), but a good portion of us reacted to the Space!™ venturism of Elon and co. with charming pessimism about intentions. We may not get our shot on Saturn, or the chance to swoon up there but at least we’ll have those vibes from our own speculation and not the heartless, Red Bull Ganymede Tractor Pull to ruin it. I’ll take cool, chilly guitar with the moody synth to set my mind up there.

Far be it from me to put words in the mouth of an artist like Bryson Cone but fuck if this track doesn’t just give me all sorts of cosmic inclinations. Posterized pastel riffs, genuine distance to swim through. “Destination Nightmare” is just the pale, psychonaut journey that touches the cosmos better than your neighborhood venture capitalist ever will.

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