♫♪  Buck Gooter - First Decade

First Decade is the 10-year process and life-line of Buck Gooter, small-town rebel duo that are legends and old staples to just about every Smokey Bones River Tavern and Hang-Your-Hat Bar that burnt down due to live sets. Comprised of the mentally cracked Terry Turtle and Billy Brat, Buck Gooter is the cover band you’ve always wanted to play original material, so instead of paying them that night, you give ‘em enough [LIT] substance that just continues to escalate the show, cover-free. That’s right, if you buy the buffet (or menu) at the next “China Garden presents Buck Gooter: LIVE FOR HOURS,” admission to witness infamy is free, but not hazard free. With fans like THIS, ethics at the level of “Fun is all you need!” and just a menagerie recently feralled and vile creatures escaped from the lab down the stairs around the block, on that hill… First Decade provides a searing and decadent window into a world that is just as decrepit as the back yard you grew up in, but during the rain, and more modern, yet left the way you remembered it, only it’s rusted now and looks super dangerous.

• Buck Gooter: http://buckgooter.tumblr.com
• Feeding Tube Records: http://feedingtuberecords.com

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