♫♪  Bullshit Market - “Scab Addict Is Gay 13 Sonks”

The longfaces of people holding on. Obligatory half-hearted kindness mixing heavily with mundane depression. It all screams, “I’d rather disappoint myself than appease another, tbh, but integrity is hard, so fuck it.” To be oneself, against all obstacles… Nah. You know what’s for me? A big plastic handshake each morning, then saying hello to the same person five times every day. And I don’t even know their name? That’s for me! Toleration of lost spirit. Desperate lips. Damp talk. Only saying thank you when you mean it is out of the question at this point. An animal against its instinct. A nightmare of appeasement married to lunacy and redundancy. Hours now days now years.

In response: this may calm your wearied spirit!

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