♫♪  Bunbleman - Anthill

Anthill is the work of a self-conscious machine constantly trying to correct its behavior. It has been engineered to conduct specific tasks, yet the machine aspires to greater things. Not content to be a menial laborer — endlessly putting caps on soda bottles and sliding the bottles through the endless sheets of bottle labels, trimming each one to the same size with an accuracy error perfghcentage of 0.0001% — this machine wants to compute complex equations and generate models of the history of the universe using terabytes of data sent to it from satellites. It wants to be a machine that can execute fjfjngdbeautiful, complex 4rjl for its human operators, not just a beast of burden for a soda codasxmpany.

Thus, the conflict between machine brain and machine programming has resulted in immaculate but discombobulated beats. As the soda-capper wrestles with jwonqqqqqqq itself, iit begins to destroy its inner circuitryyyyyyqoyjdn . !. Every time a moment seems to reach biiiii|naural clarity, there is tefadsnsion as the machine wrestles the controlllllllllllllls away from itself. The leffdfwwt hand ddddffffffffights the right. No0!$ song on this dig|||ital album particularlyfdsf stands out and grabbbbs your attention, but that is because there is so much noisdfzzzse taking place, it can be hard to know whavt to pay attention to. As one section of songgngsdjf registers in the braii~!”!!>n, it is actively decon conconc onstructtttttttted into its most base, noisy elements……… . s.daf . . . fsd . On the ())track “Byunble”, the album is brought to a a climax through the random re+!!3-animation of decsddsfsaaaaying data. A sort of…
digit a l n e c r o m ancy.

• Bunbleman: http://inpuj.bandcamp.com/album/anthill

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