♫♪  Burning Pyre - “Artifice & Action”

A pyre is fated to an inescapable destiny to be burned by an act of naming. A pile of wood is just that, but the intention to ignite turns the pile into a pyre, even before the pulled off boards or bundled branches are in flames. A decision in the mind moves around the nouns we use even before the matter itself is transferred physically. The imagined end point operates on language like a decision tree or a magnet.

And Burning Pyre, the name of this project, based in Newcastle upon Tyne, inhabits the stage between wood and ash, the ephemeral moment or group of moments when the pyre’s alight. An ambient composition’s time-based method to transcend time, turning it into the moment, or our moment, is a puzzle that Burning Pyre assembles incredibly well, and will even explain it to you. It’s all “Artifice & Action.” There are just a few The Look of Love tapes left from Perfect Aesthetics, ephemeral as smoke.

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