♫♪  Bushkapyetta - “Dream Sequence II”

Light your thermal paste scented incense cones. Fashion a fetish of ribbon cable and fragmented discs. The new sounds born by Slovakian freak-electro high priest Bushkapyetta are subdued, though no less a meditation on stratification and, well, sequence. Of the many sequences off of the new album Sequence, “Dream Sequence II” revels in its own layers, a blend of ethereal ambient that weaves between the ley lines of tones and structure. It’s tempting to call this an invocation, a chant of all things constructed by machine and mind.

Bushkapyetta is fleeting in his production; as quickly as the temporal rhythm is established, it creases up into its own parts, blocks in a parapet against the tide of sweet, sweet analog. It’s nearly whimsical in the brooding flourishes beyond its own lineal course, but “Dream Sequence II” doesn’t stray too far. Treat it as a hymn to structure and surface, however distorted by the careening stratum of the next sequence.

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