♫♪  Byron Westbrook - Voice Damage

This latest sizzler from New York’s Psychic Troubles Tapes, Byron Westbrook’s Voice Damage is a 42 minute experimental sound odyssey ripe for deep listening late in the night, or early in the morning (depending on your night hawk or early bird tendencies). Over two sides culled from separate improvisation sessions, “distinguished in it’s raw form, mistakes and all,” as the press reads, Westbrook hones his craft as he reaches further into the void and returns with this inspired set. I could lob adjectives on you, or wax poetic about whatever, but really, Voice Damage combines that exploratory improvisational mindset with crunchy synths and damaged percussion loops for an all out mind-bending experience. RIYL lying alone, contemplating your existence, or sipping a cup of premium coffee or tea ;)

Stream the whole thing below, and head HERE for the cassette/digital editions from Psychic Troubles.

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