♫♪  Cakedog - Menace In The Phantom

I can’t dance, partly due to embarrassment, but mostly due to the fact that I CAN’T dance. But after C told us we’re all gonna get swallowed up by an encroaching army of goddamn plants, I decided to let my inhibitions go and start cutting up rugs like a fucking carpet layer. Cakedog (a.k.a. Ahnnu) and his golden ears have been a real help with my phobia to dance. His latest, Menace In The Phantom, has kept my uncoordinated legs a groovin’ and a movin’. Shit, I could prolly make a turtle hurry the fuck up.

Special doses of claps, snares, deep kicks, rushed hi-hats and splashes, tom rolls, chopped vocals, left-field samples, and all the other hallmarks of footwork are here, but Menace In The Phantom isn’t some rip-off affair. There’s imitation, and then there’s homage. And this is an incredibly honest, dense, and great example of homage. In the words of the man himself: “Dedicated to DJ Rashad and the footworkers across the globe.”

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Hey, I didn’t make one Episode 1 joke, guys! Proud?!?!?

Cakedog: https://soundcloud.com/cakedog

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