♫♪  Calidonia County - “The Ghosted Years”

As a Green Bay Packers fan living in Seattle, the NFC Championship game was a particularly stinging, hollow end to an otherwise cheery, whirlwind day for Cheeseheads such as myself. After screaming into my pillow for a number of hours following the Seahawks’ surprise 4th quarter rally, I walked the streets of my neighborhood feeling gloomy, broody, and very moody. “But it’s just a game,” you may say, and, indeed, it was merely a game. The days that followed, with my co-workers constantly recapping the game to one another, I felt the need to, as Aaron Rodgers so eloquently put it, relax. And that’s when I happened upon Moon Glyph’s latest cassette, the final release from Calidonia County (real name Ian Ferguson).

The Ghosted Years is as mellow as they come, with gentle rhythms gliding over you like clouds in the sky, washing away all of your troubles. It even, for the briefest of moments, made me think, “Why get so down over a football game? It’s not like you contributed anything besides pounding beer and eating nachos at a bar.” And, indeed, that is the truth of the situation. Was it all because of the tape that I was lifted out of the football darkness? Maybe, and maybe not. All I know is that The Ghosted Years is an extremely chill listen, for all of your post-sports mourning stages, tea ceremonies, or for the simple act of lounging at the pad. Stream below. Repeat as often as possible.

• Moon Glyph: www.moonglyph.com

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