♫♪  Call Super - “Migrant”

I don’t get political. But as far as I would, “Migrant” is fairly interesting in terms of the Times. Or BBC, whoever you read. And as a soundscape (although an antiquated term), Call Super takes “Migrant” from a very sterile and clear cut beat and minor backing sounds into a forest of ethernet and photosynthesis. There’s a growth that occurs within the travel time of these seven minutes that is constantly working with and alienating the listener in the purest of sonic-modality. It’s completely visceral on an interpretive way, but one that requires attention and adaptability, because once your moving, and don’t know it, someones gotta explain what’s going on exactly.

Go on a journey with Call Super’s “Migrant” via Houndstooth, below:

• Call Super: http://callsuper.tumblr.com
• Houndstooth: http://www.houndstoothlabel.com

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