♫♪  Callie Ryan - “PASTE”

Resident Dublab DJ, producer, and artist about Los Angeles, Callie Ryan has broken my fingers with her new single, “PASTE.” As soon as I first heard it, I frantically sent it to three different text message groups, typed out a quick e-mail with a link, messaged the label on Soundcloud, and spent the afternoon pressing back every 3 minutes and 24 seconds to get to the beginning again, to hear Callie’s commanding voice again, how low it goes when she bellows “your body’s like wheat paste” and how it ascends when she tweets “take me.” It’s not often that this happens to me. Something about this song continually breaks and puts me back together in a new arrangement with each listen.

Hear “PASTE” on Ryan’s new tape HEALTH out on Outside Insight, and head to Vogue (!) magazine’s website to watch the accompanying music video directed by 100% Silk co-founder Amanda Kramer. I wonder if Vogue has ever been mentioned in earnest on this website before. Happy if yes, happy if not.

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