♫♪  Camu Tao & Illogic - “Oh Shit” (prod. by Walter Rocktight)

There’s a certain eeriness that comes with listening to any newly unearthed previously unreleased song by a deceased artist, as if maybe we’re hearing something we shouldn’t be. Even creepier: when said song pops up via the somehow-still-active SoundCloud page of another dead man. Such is the case with “Oh Shit,” a heretofore lost Camu Tao recording recently posted by DJ PRZM’s account.

That said, you don’t even need to listen to Mu’s music to make contact with his ghost. It’s warbling at you every time you turn on the radio, howling up from under the sing-song moans and jingle-jangle crows of today’s chart toppers, calling out from beyond the grave, “Hey dumbies, I was doing this shit over a decade ago … better even. Catch up, already!”

Illogic’s ability to carry his own weight alongside such a force serves as yet another reminder that we need to try harder to recognize and appreciate the greats while they’re still here, walking among us.

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